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BASF invests more than 200 million euros


BASF announced on Nov. 8 that it plans to invest more than 200 million euros in the next five years for the expansion and operation of the global plastics additive business, of which nearly half will be used in Asia.

"To meet the growing demand for antioxidants and light stabilizers around the world, BASF will invest in increasing capacity to strengthen the plastics additives business," said Christian Fischer, president of BASF's Specialty Chemicals Division. "We will also invest in digital Technology and electronic technology, in the region to become a trusted supplier, to better support customers.

The investment plan in the BASF North American and European production base expansion of plastic additives production capacity, and automation, electronic technology and digital modeling of the building. In addition, BASF plans to expand the plastic additive production network in Asia.

BASF's plastic additive products include: UV (UV) light stabilizers, antioxidants, process stabilizers and other additives.

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