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Titanium dioxide prices rose gains


November has more than half months, titanium dioxide prices continue this year's gains, there are already more than 30 manufacturers issued price adjustment letter, or 500 ~ 1000 yuan / ton. This month, some manufacturers of the hike behavior more than once.

Zhongyu information analyst Xu Tingting said that since the beginning of the year since the price increases, rutile titanium dioxide has been led up, and truly reflect the titanium dioxide market, the performance of anatase is relatively calm, until the late several price increases, anatase The value is reflected.

National Bureau of Statistics released on November 14 data show that the first 10 months of this year, the national real estate development investment growth of 6.6%, while the first nine months of an increase of 5.8%. 1 to 10 months of this year, the national real estate development investment grew 6.6%, the growth rate of 1 to 9 months increased by 0.8 percentage points, real estate development investment growth accelerated for three consecutive months. Even if the first-tier cities have introduced housing loans to limit the purchase of measures, investors seem to remain optimistic about the prospects of China's real estate industry. The steady development of the real estate industry led to steady growth in demand for the coatings industry.

1 to 9 months, China's total paint production reached 13.454 million tons, an increase of 7.4%. Among them, the Guangdong Province paint production reached 247.44 million tons, an increase of 8.7%; Jiangsu Province, paint production reached 169.494 million tons, up 4.9%; Shanghai paint production reached 1.5994 million tons, an increase of 3.9%. Paint industry is the main downstream of titanium dioxide industry, the price of paint on the titanium dioxide prices have played a supporting role.

Upstream raw material titanium ore supply tension, the miners reluctant to sell and continue to explore the strong desire to import ore prices offer, the titanium dioxide market support role is not reduced. But since the winter, the downstream paint market demand to maintain light stability, titanium dioxide prices continue upward trend weak.

Xu Tingting said, on the whole, this year, titanium dioxide prices continued to rise, thanks to the country "to capacity" to "inventory" policy implementation, manufacturers inventory reduction, production capacity to pull up the titanium dioxide market prices. At present, the actual transaction price of rutile titanium dioxide in 13300 ~ 14500 yuan / ton, anatase titanium dioxide in the actual transaction price of more than 9800 ~ 12000 yuan / ton. Is expected to short-term price of titanium dioxide market is difficult to revive, stable market, more than a single transaction, a single vote.

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